Media Player Comparison#

The AME Playbooks offers two media players as options available to the user. Below we outline some basic differences between the two to help you decide.


../_images/vlc.png ../_images/mpv.png


../_images/icon-check.svg ../_images/icon-check.svg

Easy user interface

../_images/icon-check.svg ../_images/red-x.png

Extensive functionality

../_images/yellow-tilda.png ../_images/icon-check.svg

HDR support

../_images/red-x.png ../_images/icon-check.svg


../_images/icon-check.svg ../_images/icon-check.svg



For most users, VLC is the best choice, as it is easy to get a hold of, while still providing many useful features. This is our recommended choice.



With a slight learning curve, mpv is a keyboard-driven media player, targeted at those who want the absolute most out of their watching experience.

If you’re a power-user and want a better quality experience, this may be the choice for you. See the reference manual for help getting started.