This document describes how to get your Playbook verified, and how to implement it into your Playbook.

Getting Setup For Verification#

At the current moment, the only way to get verified is by donating as a Trusted Uninstaller on our Patreon, after which you can contact @actrons on Discord or Telegram.


We will have a dedicated and cheaper subscription for this shortly.

Verifying Your Playbook#

To have your Playbook be detected as verified, you must add the ProductCode property to your playbook.conf file. This must contain the product code number provided to you by AME.

You must then submit your Playbook to AME (either to @actrons or @styris-ame), and we will verify it for you. Note that if you change the Playbook, it will need to be verified again.



We also recommend adding an icon for your Playbook, which should ideally be based off of the frame-screen icon used in the official AME Playbooks. Your image should be 256 pixels wide, and must be named playbook.png inside the root of your Playbook.