This document documents new information that developers should know, as well as all documentation changes made on 2024-06-12.


All Playbooks should now implement the new UniqueId property in the playbook.conf file. This allows for a Playbook to be identified even if the Name or Username changes, and simplifies logic.

See Writing The Config File for implementation.


UniqueId will be required in a future release.


Creators can now control upgrades from older to newer versions of their Playbook. See Upgrades.

Structure Changes#

custom.yml has been renamed to main.yml, and sub-tasks are now included as actions with the new Task action. This allows for an option and similar properties to be applied to entire task files.

  • Old:

    - Tasks\appx.yml
  • New:

    - !writeStatus: {status: 'Removing APPX packages', option: 'remove-appx'}
    - !task: {path: 'Tasks\appx.yml', option: 'remove-appx'}

See Getting Started for full examples.


custom.yml usage will be deprecated in a future release.

Logging Changes#

Playbook logs have been entirely overhauled. There are now only two log files:

  • Output.txt: contains nicely formatted output from actions.

  • Log.yml: contains errors and/or notable diagnostic information.

YAML ErrorAction#

errorAction, documented in actions, replaces ignoreErrors allowing for greator control over what happens when an action fails.


ignoreErrors will be deprecated in a future release.

Run Action HandleExitCodes#

handleExitCodes, documented in Run, allows for fine control over how exit codes are handled. The same property also exists for the Cmd and PowerShell actions.

Documentation Changes#

Notable ocumentation changes made on 2024-06-12.


Added Task
Added Upgrades
Updated Writing The Config File to include UniqueId