Writing The Config File#

Your Playbook will need to specify certain information that AME Wizard requires, which includes key details like the name, creator, and version of the Playbook.

All of this information must be specified in the playbook.conf file we created earlier.

Generating an ID#

Before editing our config file, we must first generate a unique identifier for the Playbook.

Simply open the following link and copy the randomly generated identifier: https://tools.namlabs.com/uuidV4/


Start by double clicking playbook.conf and opening it with Notepad. In the resulting notepad window, paste the below sample text, replacing UNIQUE ID with the identifier you copied earlier:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <Name>Example PB</Name>
        <Username>Testing Inc.</Username>
        <ShortDescription>Official Example Playbook for Windows 11</ShortDescription>
        <Title>Windows 11 Example Playbook</Title>
        <Description>This Playbook will test your installation</Description>
        <UniqueId>UNIQUE ID</UniqueId>

You’ll want to customize these properties to your liking, and add more as you need them, but this will get you started. Save the file with Ctrl + S, and close notepad.


Once you’ve finished with this getting started guide, see our more detailed configuration post to elevate your Playbook to the next level.