Actions are effectively “commands” for AME Wizard to execute, and are written in YAML using the camelCase naming convention (ex. appx, scheduledTask).

To see how to properly implement actions into your YAML, see our YAML guide.

Optional Parameters#

All actions have the following optional parameters.





Specifies how much impact the action will have on the progress bar once completed. The default is typically around 2-5 for most actions.


Navigate to an action below for examples and/or parameters.

Actions overview#

  • RunAction: runs a specified executable or file.

  • RegistryKey: adds or deletes a specified registry key.

  • RegistryValue: modifies a specified registry value.

  • Appx: removes, or clears the cache of a given APPX component.

  • Service: executes a specified cmd command.

  • ScheduledTask: deletes a task folder, or modifies a specific task.

  • TaskKill: terminates a specified process.

  • SystemPackage: removes a specified Windows component.

  • Cmd: executes a specified cmd command.

  • PowerShell: executes a specified PowerShell command.

  • WriteStatus: writes a status message for AME Wizard.