Privacy or Security?#

As stated on the main page, the objective of this project “[…] aims at delivering a stable, non-intrusive yet fully functional build of Windows 10 to anyone who requires the Windows operating system natively”, while “Spyware systems […] have been entirely removed and deleted from the system.”

This is crucial to understand, as we do not provide a heightened state of security as the project’s main focus beyond what is indirectly affected by the AME alterations. This does include many aspects likely to improve security, such as the reduction of many internal services and features, liable to third party vulnerability escalation (i.e. SMBv1, Edge, Wifi-Sense and many others), however these are, in fact, somewhat unintended side-effects of our, arguably somewhat ideologically fueled, removal process.

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Furthermore, as touched upon on the main page, approximately 75% of critical Windows 10 vulnerabilities can be mitigated by revoking administrator privileges from the default user. This is also an included feature in AME, and can be set-up by means of the initialization script, as this mode of operation is strongly encouraged.

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